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Fishing Permits & Membership Cards

The Garden Centre sells fishing permits and memberships on behalf of the Crieff Angling Club.


We can only accept cash or cheque payments for permits and memberships.


Use of club facilities is provided to junior anglers (under 18 years) only on the basis that they are accompanied by a parent or carer who agrees to take full responsibility for their conduct and safety.


Membership Card Cost

Junior Members (must live within 6 miles of Crieff)               Free before 12th birthday.

                                                                                                         £10.00 before 16th birthday.

                                                                                                         £30.00 before 18th birthday.

OAP                                                                                                 £60.00

Ordinary Members                                                                       £120.00

New Members (£120 + £20 joining fee)                                    £140.00

Country Members                                                                        £170.00


Day Ticket Prices

Loch Turret                     £6.00 Daily. 1st April to 30th September.

                                           Sunday fishing is permitted. 9.00am until sunset only. Fly fishing only.


River Earn

Brown Trout:                   £7.00 Daily. Juniors (under 12 yrs) £3.00 Daily. 15th March to 6th October.

                   Sunday fishing is permitted. Fly fishing for 16 years of age and above.

Grayling:                           £7.00 Daily. 15th November to 15th January.

                                           Sunday fishing is permitted. Fishing on Drummond Castle only.

Salmon/Sea Trout:          £20.00 Daily. 1st February to 31st July.

                                           £30.00 Daily. 1st August to 15th October.

                                           No Saturday Permits in October. No Sea Trout after August.


Drummond Loch

Club Members                                                                      Non-Members

£12.00/day per boat if fishing alone                                 £20.00/day per boat if fishing alone

£20.00/day per boat with 2 fishing                                   £30.00/day per boat with 2 fishing

£28.00/day per boat with 3 fishing                                   £40.00/day per boat with 3 fishing


A club member + a non-member- £25.00/day per boat

A club member + 2 non-members- £36.00/day per boat

2 club members + a non-member- £32.00/day per boat


Maximum Daily Ticket Allocation                                       

                                                                                          Brown Trout                 Salmon

Loch Turret                                                                      10                                   N/A

River Earn                                                                        10                                   10

Drummond Loch                                                             6                                     7